Giving your dream a name can be overwhelming.
Furthermore, a fitting logo design is most of the time, a puzzling and time-consuming decision. In today’s digital world, you may find yourself drowning in a boundless Ocean of visual content.

In DIGIST we can aid you not only to emerge but to sail-smooth and rule the Seas!

Logo Design - Show your face to the world

What do you represent? How about your values? What is your purpose anyway?
A proper logo should answer these and many other questions, right away.

Either you have a business, a product, an organization or a blog, your logo is what everyone notices first. More or less, it is like when you meet someone new; you will first notice their face. Your logo is your face to the world. You may have a great story to tell, but to engage people’s attention you will need to have a suitable expression.

In DIGIST we listen and we design logos that will communicate your significant stories to people around the globe.

Enforce your brand identity

Logo design complements our other marketing services when it comes to your digital branding.

A logo represents at least one idea. And ideas are eternal. Therefore, you cannot represent one, based on a fleeting trend. We always keep up with the latest trends, but we never depend entirely on them. You want your logo to be something everlasting. So, we aspire to create something fresh, modern and unique, yet timeless.

If you feel like your old logo doesn’t work for you anymore or if you believe that few touch-ups would make the difference, you can contact us and we will offer affordable solutions, tailored for your needs.

Be seen everywhere

Your logo should be able to be reproduced correctly everywhere: On printed material (like brochures, business cards, flyers, billboards), digital displays, websites, social media, on different displays etc.

Given that, we make sure that you will get various versions of your logo design, each one optimized to apply to the corresponding means. This way, you can be sure that everything works perfectly and focus on your next big step without distractions.