In DIGIST we have what it takes to keep you up and running.
Web Design isn’t only about the looks. We design fully functional and responsive web pages based on your individual needs and goals.

Your web site should be unique just as you are.

Combining innovative technology, creativity, the right tools and the latest trends, we offer you the best tailor-made solutions.

Web  Design - Make your home page feel like home

Well designed. Accessible. Inviting. Safe.

Your web site is everything you represent, online. It must be accessible to every visitor, inviting, functional, well designed yet safe for everyone.

Need for Speed. Everyone. Anywhere.

When it comes to functionality and responsiveness, we pay extra attention to ensure that everything runs fast and smooth on any device.

After all, you want to treat your guests with respect:
Give them the opportunity to browse really fast and have the same experience on any device they are on.
Therefore, you will have a high-speed optimized and Google friendly web page hosted on a blazing fast SSD server.

Safety First!

Buckle up, before speeding away! In DIGIST we need you and your visitors to be safe, so we do what’s necessary to keep anything unwanted out of door.

Using proper technology and tools, we provide a secure connection to your web site so everyone can browse safely.

Whether you have a blog or a business with an e-commerce platform, safety is an essential.

Don’t let unwanted content to disturb your visitors’ engagement on your web site. Let us design the environment where everyone can be carefree, yet safe.

Tailor-Made Solutions on Tailor-made Budget!

In DIGIST we strongly believe that flat-pricing has no place on web design.
You may already have a web site, with content that needs to be optimized for search engines (SEO).
Or, you may have come to us only with an idea and you want to start from scratch.

In conclusion, we cannot apply the same pricing on both of these cases.
Different needs require different solutions, therefore different pricing.

Contact us to create together a reliable and affordable tailor-made plan for you, based on your needs and your budget!